Cyber Security ( BT-409 )

( IT- 4th Sem )

cyber security


Students to be familiarize with the basic of cyber security, cyber crime, Data Security, Security Technology-Firewall, cryptrography Techniques, information security standards.

Course Outcomes

After Completion of this Course students can:

  • Understand concepts of Cyber Crime.
  • Understand concepts of Security and their Applications.
  • Understand Cryptrography concepts and Techniques.
  • Understand Security Policies.
  • Understand various Information Security Standards.

Course Content

Main Contents of this course which students needs to learn are:

  • Introduction of Cyber Crime, Categorizing Cybercrime, Cybercrime Theory, Criminology perception of cyber criminals: hackers, computer intrusions and Attacks, Privacy, surveillance and protection, hiding crimes in cyberspace, cryptography, hacking vs cracking, privacy and security at risk in the global information society.
  • Data Security, Security Technology-Firewall and VPNs, Intrusion Detection, Access Control. Security Threats -Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horse, Bombs, Trapdoors, Spoofs, E-mail Viruses, Macro Viruses, Malicious Software, Network and Denial of Services Attack, Security Threats to E-Commerce- Electronic Payment System, e- Cash, Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Plain text , cipher text, types – substitution ,transposition ,encryption, decryption , symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography algorithms, steganography.
  • Development of Policies, WWW Policies, Email Security Policies, Policy Review Process-Corporate Policies-Sample Security Policies, Publishing and Notification Requirement of the Policies.
  • ISO, IT Act, Copyright Act, Patent Law, IPR. Cyber Laws in India; IT Act 2000 Provisions, Intellectual Property Law: Copy Right Law, Software License, Semiconductor Law and Patent Law.

Book References

Some books which will help you to learn this course:

  • Nina Godbole “ Cyber Security: Wiley.
  • Michael E.Whitman and Herbert J Mattord "Principle of Information Security" Cengage.
  • William stallings “Cryptography and Network Security” PEARSON.
  • Charles P. Pfleeger, Shari Lawerance Pfleeger, “Analysing Computer Security”, Pearson Education India.
  • V.K.Pachghare, “Cryptography and information Security”, PHI Learning Private Limited, Delhi India.
  • CHANDER, HARISH,” Cyber Laws And It Protection ” , PHI Learning Private Limited ,Delhi.
  • Vinod V. Sople, “Managing Intellectual Property” PHI Learning Private Limited.

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