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"College Academy" is designed with an aim to satisfy quest of every aspirant and student, who has hunger for knowledge attainment.

  • We have put up immense efforts in making this club helpful for students who have various sources to study from but ultimately end up in confusion.
  • This platform is one stop solution for all those who come within a lot of mess and find it chaotic to gain all the required study material.
  • This is a foundation we have laid after witnessing all the struggles that a student faces with regard to study material.
  • Hereby presenting a platform for all the students who will be able to get refined study material with no more obstacle that may arise between them and thier knowledge with fruitful results.

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Because we provide some
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No Money!!

We charge no money for our Quality Content to Download, We are completely free.

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We don't have any Registration process, just come and enjoy our services.

Working Regularly

We are Working Regularly, to improve our Website so, that you can browse our content without any problems.

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Services Provided By Us

User Friendly

The interface of our Website is user friendly and very easy to explore and is accessible on all types of devices.

Hand Written Notes/GATE Notes

We provide Hand Written & Printed notes as it is very easy to understand and read, along with this we also have GATE Section where you will get GATE notes for individual subjects.
( Click Menu > Notes )

High Speed links

We provide high speed Drive links to view and download our content.


We provide Videos of different units subject wise.
( Currently From Youtube )

Previous Year Papers

We have Previous Year Papers uploaded for all years.

Practice Section

We have tutorials related to Web Development along with some practices Quiz related to Web Development and GATE.

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Words that will Inspire us

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Satyam Dwivedi

Satyam Dwivedi


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Himanshu Babhulkar

Himanshu Babhulkar



Sneh Joshi

Sneh Joshi



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Feel free to contact us, All suggestions are accepted and we will look after it.


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